Remote support of the IFS Applications™ System users

Remote support of the IFS Applications™ System users

InfoConsulting as a certified IFS partner in Europe, delivers projects individually, as well as actively contributes to the partner’s projects.

The installed IFS Applications system, without a doubt, plays a huge role in enterprise effective management. InfoConsulting experts are fully aware, that the current system maintenance and the work load associated with the customer support are time-consuming for the administrators.

Companies have to build and constantly expand the competence of the administrator staff to ensure a functional systems service, constantly monitor the efficiency, look  over proper functioning and solving system users problems. Improper usage of IFS applications often causes errors in data, workflow as well as reporting, which disturbs the business processes and influences business.

A more effective way of ensuring current support for the users is passing the above responsibilities and tasks onto the InfoConsulting experts, who possess the knowledge and perennial experience with the system. The IFS Applications  remote system support is nothing less than InfoConsulting help towards an efficient system management through risk reduction and solving current users issues, as well as system administration.

Within the service, the InfoConsulting experts perform typical administration services such as:

  • User account management
  • Conferring user rights
  • User profile management
  • Profile setting distribution
  • Parameterization of the system
  • System errors debugging
  • Deleting of work distractions
  • Explaining uncertainties around the system, users support

Remote service support offered by InfoConsulting influences the whole IFS Applications system as well as all its modules and is based on the following rules:

  • Communication with the client in order to share information regarding the service quality
  • Ensuring a systemized approach towards system management
  • Ensuring continuous efficient work as well as minimizing risk associated with system errors.

Benefits of the IFS system Applications are:

  • Reducing the final costs of the customer service
  • Efficient dealing with problems
  • Comprehensive IFS Applications support
  • Access to highly qualified experts
  • No costs of upholding support competence
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Certainty of problem removal and completion of current tasks
  • The ability to focus strictly on the enterprise business processes only