INFO Billing

InfoBilling is a complementary solution to IFS Applications, developed to support the work of utility providers. The system supports processes related to Customer services since its application until settlement of periodic payments for utility supplies.


InfoBilling is a dedicated, sector component built by InfoConsulting and is an integral part of a world-class ERP system, IFS ApplicationsTM.


InfoBilling, InfoBilling Leasing IFRS16 ERP

Application for mobile terminals

Registration of readings (including radio, settling lump sums, issuing invoices at the customer’s place.

InfoBilling, InfoBilling Leasing IFRS16 ERP


More effective management of the Customer service process:

Registration of information required to commence and continue cooperation with Customers

  • Fast and accurate definition of service parameters
  • Fast activation of payments and access to valid information on Customers’ balances
  • Electronic workflow


  • Automated invoicing
  • Automated services provided to Customers
  • Self-control of calculations of periodic receivables for utilities
  • Possibility to print invoices immediately after readout from the terminal


Two core business areas supported by InfoBilling include Customer Services and calculation and invoicing of payments for utilities.

Fast access to recorded information is possible with our reporting solutions – InfoReports or InfoBI which is more advanced functionally.

Additionally, Customers gain a number of benefits resulting from a full integration of the billing solution with other system elements – in particular with the financial and accounting system, repairs or warehouse management.

InfoBilling and InfoReports and InfoBI constitute a comprehensive IT solution for utility providers.